Two Ideas For Attracting The Right Prospects To Your Network Marketing Business

When you are a network marketing professional, it can be tough to stay on track in order to get the results you want from your recruiting efforts. People say no to you and you start to think that no one will ever say yes! And you get ready to hand in the towel because you have these unrealistic expectations of what you think should be happening in your business.

The truth is, you are running a business ad regardless of how it was sold to you when you began, there is a usually a time lag between starting your business and getting results. Patience and persistence is required in order to stay focused.

Here are two thoughts as you keep growing your network marketing business

1. Rethink

A lot of new MLM professionals start to feel that they are pushing their product on their friends and family and they also start to feel that they are running out of people to talk to. This results in them slowly but surely reducing the action they take to build their business. The problem, of course, is that they think they are still working hard but most of their time is spent avoiding the real work and doing busy work that gets them nowhere.

You must not allow this to happen to you. In your mind, you must recognize that you could help people reach their goals by telling them about your business opportunity. This could be the answer that someone needs. Holding it back from them is not fair. When you start to see your business in this light, it gets easier to do the work associated with growing your business.

2. Work With Your Upline

It is easier to close new prospects with another person particularly when you are a first year distributor yourself. You may not have the skill yet to deal with their enquiries and you also may not have the success yet to show your prospects what is possible.

Instead of focusing on doing all your business presentations alone, have an arrangement with your upline to do presentations with them. Then when you speak to a prospect, make the goal of the conversation to get them on the phone or into a physical meeting with your upline. Do not attempt to try to sell them yourself. In fact, in that initial conversation, do not get into that much detail about what you are doing. Just make the appointment.

As you listen to more and more business presentations done by your upline, you learn how to do them for your new team members and so you carry on the cycle of getting your downline members to book in appointments with you. Network marketing is all about duplication.


Business Owner: No! Not The Feedback!

“No, Not the Feedback!”

These were the exact words from a new business owner as a customer walked in the door looking straight into his eyes.

The suggestion was to move some boxes for everyone’s safety.

The word feedback may be a threatening word for some business owners, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you keep an open mind and couple that with a bit of business savvy.

If you’re a business owner that struggles with accepting feedback, the following suggestion may help.

Dealing with Comments:

  • Comments are just that, Comments. As a business owner it’s important to understand that comments can be used to benefit your business. They can help you see another person’s perspective. For example, you may not have noticed the boxes blocking the aisle as you just went around them while responding to a text message on the way in to check on your store. But you’d surely notice if a customer tripped over the boxes and yelled at you or your representatives. Why wait for such an event to unfold?

Dealing with Opinions:

  • Opinions are other people’s ideas or views about an issue based on that individual’s personal judgment. Someone may come to you with their personal opinion about your business, yes it happens. As business owners we prefer to be told how well our business is doing, but every now and then someone comes up with, “What were you thinking?” That’s an opinion, don’t just let it sit at that, ask for clarification so you may resolve what the issue really is. Here’s where having an open mind will benefit you. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand their issue.

As a savvy business owner, try to remember that ‘feedback’ is simply another’s person’s view; it’s neither right nor wrong. It’s merely their view and you’d be wise to consider their words. You never know, you just may be inspired to make a few changes to grow your business.

In summary, as business owners, we are not exempt from ‘feedback’ and on the bright side, it’s good for us. It keeps us on our toes so our business doesn’t stagnate. So keep your business running smoothly, take that feedback and see how you can use it to strengthen your business.