Investing in Real Estate – 4 Investment Options

Real estate investing is satisfying and lucrative, when done right. It can help you diversify your investment portfolio as well as generate extra income. Many of the real estate investments don’t require you to deal directly with tenants. Also, you can purchase a property by paying only a fraction of the total price and then clearing the balance and interest over time. Here are four real estate investing options.

Rental Properties

Investing in residential rental properties can be great, especially for individuals with renovation and DIY skills, and have the fortitude to deal with tenants.


• Provides regular income
• Properties can appreciate
• You can optimize capital through leverage
• Many of the expenses are tax-deductable


• Managing tenants can be tedious
• Vacancies can reduce income
• Tenants can damage property

House Flipping

You can purchase underpriced properties that need a bit of an upgrade, renovate them inexpensively and then resell them at a profit. House flipping, however, comes with some risks. First, your estimate of repair costs must be precise, which is not a simple thing to do. Second, the longer the property is in your hands the less money you’re likely to make because you’ll be paying a mortgage without it generating income.


• Ties your capital only in the short term
• Potential quick returns


• A hot market may cool unexpectedly
• Requires deep industry knowledge

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs are traded in major exchanges, similar to stocks. A REIT comes into being when a trust/corporation uses investors’ money to buy and manage income-generating properties. To maintain the REIT status, 90 percent of the taxable income of the trust/corporation must be paid out as dividends. REITs can enable you to invest in nonresidential properties, like office blocks and malls that, may not be capable of purchasing directly.


• Highly liquid because they can be traded
• They are in essence dividend-paying stocks
• The holdings are typically cash-producing long-term leases


• Doesn’t offer the leverage that’s usually available in traditional rental property investing

Online Platforms

These online platforms link investors with developers who need capital for their real estate projects, either through equity or debt.


• You have the option of investing in a single project or a diverse range of projects
• Geographic diversification


• Typically illiquid and speculative
• Management fees


The four real estate investment options available to investors include rental properties, house flipping, REITS, and online platforms. Ultimately, the ideal real estate investment opportunities are those that align with your investment goals.


Benefits of Life Insurance – Financial Security

There are many benefits of ensuring that you have life insurance in place. The primary reason for taking out life insurance is usually to ensure that your family are in a position of financial security in the unlikely and unfortunate event of your premature death.

For those of us that are responsible for bringing home the main income to our household it is vital to have adequate cover in place so that our income is replaced if we are not there to provide it any more.

Of course it is not an ideal scenario for anyone to consider but if you will, picture the consequences bestowed upon your family if you are no longer around to pay the bills, the mortgage, provide food to name a bare few things. If you have young children, who will pay for their education? Of course the emotional trauma will be enough of a burden to your loved ones but the benefits of life insurance in the form of financial security can offer some form of comfort and will make life easier for them.

Even without having a family whose financial future you need to take care of, there are other benefits that life insurance can provide. If you have a partner who you have a joint mortgage or debt with, by taking out joint life insurance you can ensure that the surviving partner is not left with the debt. Life Term Insurance is often referred to as mortgage life insurance as it can be taken out alongside a mortgage as security not just for you but the lender.

On a more positive note, the peace of mind that life term insurance can provide whilst you are still in the land of the living is invaluable. The price of life cover is relatively inexpensive and by visiting a number of insurers or a price comparison website it is ever so straight forward to obtain a competitive premium.

It is a common misconception that insurance is expensive or that it is another unnecessary addition to the bills at the end of the month. This is not the case at all. With so many insurers encouraging consumers to do business on-line, in life insurance which is an already cheap product to buy, it is made even cheaper by insurers offering further savings by having applications made this way.

As everybody’s circumstances in life can change frequently it is important to review your insurance needs on a regular basis and if required additional cover taken out. Marriage, moving house, having children are all things that can lead to the need of further need for life insurance.

There are a number of life term insurance products available whether it is whole of life or a term life insurance policy the benefits of life insurance are the same across the board, a lump sum payment upon death of the life insured to those that a financial dependent on you. Financial security is something that every family deserves especially in a time of need.


Accounts Receivable Funding – Factoring and Financing Tools

Accounts receivable funding is a financing vehicle solution for all types of businesses that extend credit to their personal customers for goods and services. This type of funding has the only model that gives cash based on a company sales report. Accounts receivable funding is also the one financing model that grows in direct line to your company sales. This type of financing is available to businesses which cannot get a regular loan from banking institutions because of credit worthiness. Accounts receivable funding is not a loan and because of this, a businesses debt load remains untouched. In simple terms, this type of funding is the swap of your businesses accounts receivables invoice for some cash.

Account receivable funding sources are not subject to the same bank institutions regulations and that is because the account receivable funding company is buying the companies invoice outright and not giving them a loan for it. Most business owners who have never before used this type of financing are really surprised at how fair and business smart this can be for their business. The reason a lot of business owners love this type of financing is because unlike banks that pry deeply for a companies debt to equity ratio, an account receivable funding company concentrates on the companies customers to see if the invoice purchase is worth it. With this type of funding, daily and weekly delays plus financing negotiations are wiped out,letting the company owner run his business instead of wasting time trying to procure loans. This type of a business model is hardly taught in business college today which in turn has had the majority of US companies not knowing that their is a great tool they can use to help run their business. Accounts receivable funding can be a useful and wonderful tool for the business that has huge dips and swings in cash flow. Once this type of service is used by the business owner, they free up many created problems that cash flow can bring up. Having a steady and projected cash flow account makes it easier to know what to expect in a business environment without hoping that the next invoice gets paid quickly.

Accounts receivable funding is used worldwide and is a great financing vehicle for any type of company that usually extend credit to their own customers. Since this type of funding is not a loan, your company carries less debt on your balance sheet and at the end of the day your debt capacity remains untouched. Globally realized as a useful financing source, accounts receivable funding is used in every industry by businesses that usually need immediate cash flow relief for growing a business and even for survival. If you are interested in finding an accounts receivable funding source just hit the highlighted link.


Two Ideas For Attracting The Right Prospects To Your Network Marketing Business

When you are a network marketing professional, it can be tough to stay on track in order to get the results you want from your recruiting efforts. People say no to you and you start to think that no one will ever say yes! And you get ready to hand in the towel because you have these unrealistic expectations of what you think should be happening in your business.

The truth is, you are running a business ad regardless of how it was sold to you when you began, there is a usually a time lag between starting your business and getting results. Patience and persistence is required in order to stay focused.

Here are two thoughts as you keep growing your network marketing business

1. Rethink

A lot of new MLM professionals start to feel that they are pushing their product on their friends and family and they also start to feel that they are running out of people to talk to. This results in them slowly but surely reducing the action they take to build their business. The problem, of course, is that they think they are still working hard but most of their time is spent avoiding the real work and doing busy work that gets them nowhere.

You must not allow this to happen to you. In your mind, you must recognize that you could help people reach their goals by telling them about your business opportunity. This could be the answer that someone needs. Holding it back from them is not fair. When you start to see your business in this light, it gets easier to do the work associated with growing your business.

2. Work With Your Upline

It is easier to close new prospects with another person particularly when you are a first year distributor yourself. You may not have the skill yet to deal with their enquiries and you also may not have the success yet to show your prospects what is possible.

Instead of focusing on doing all your business presentations alone, have an arrangement with your upline to do presentations with them. Then when you speak to a prospect, make the goal of the conversation to get them on the phone or into a physical meeting with your upline. Do not attempt to try to sell them yourself. In fact, in that initial conversation, do not get into that much detail about what you are doing. Just make the appointment.

As you listen to more and more business presentations done by your upline, you learn how to do them for your new team members and so you carry on the cycle of getting your downline members to book in appointments with you. Network marketing is all about duplication.